Beef is that the cooking name for meat from oxen, notably striated muscle. Humans are intake beef since prehistoric times. Beef may be a supply of high-quality supermolecule and nutrients.

Beef is that the third most generally consumed meat within the world, accounting for regarding twenty-five of meat production worldwide, once pork and poultry at thirty-eight and thirtieth severally. In absolute numbers, u. s., Brazil, and therefore the People’s Republic of China are the world’s 3 largest customers of beef; South American country, however, has the very best beef and meat consumption per capita, followed by Argentina and Brazil. in line with the info from OECD, the typical Uruguayan Ate over forty two weight unit (93 lb) of beef or meat in 2014, representing the very best beef/veal consumption per capita within the world. as compared, the typical yank consumed solely regarding twenty-four weight unit (53 lb) beef or meat within the same year, whereas African countries, like an African country, Ghana, and African nation, consumed the smallest amount beef or meat per capita.