Grapes are fruiting berry of the deciduous woody vines of the botanical species Vitis. Fresh grapes are consumed by the people and it is also used to make fruit jam, jelly, wine, raisins, grape seed oil, juice and more.

Thomson Seedless : Berry Size is 15mm,16mm , 18 mm (White and Amber) Flame Seedless : Berry Size is 16 mm , 18 mm (Red) Jumbo : Berry Size 18 mm + (Black)Sharad Seedless : Berry Size is 15 mm , 16 mm , 18 mm (Black) Sonaka Seedless :16 mm + (White) Tas-e-ganesh : 16 mm + (White)

We are one of the leading suppliers and traders of fresh grapes all over the world. Our fresh grapes are available in a wide variety. To protect them from any damage we pack them in corrugated boxes, plastic crates, and nets bags. These fresh grapes are tested on various parameters like moisture content and freshness before reaching the customers.

Nutrient value-rich sources of vitamins a, c, b6 rich in minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorous contains powerful antioxidants high fiber content contains essential proteins color milky white amber ORIGIN: INDIA