Pomegranates are one of the costlier, but the healthiest fruits on the earth. It contains various plant compounds that are healthier. All over the world, pomegranates have been consumed and also enjoyed by the people for several years. It is also a symbol of hope to keep humans health good.

India is the largest producer of pomegranates in the world. The main commercially grown varieties are Bhagwa, Arcata & Ganesh. India produces the finest varieties of pomegranate having soft seeds, very fewer acids and very attractive color of the fruits and grains.

We are one of the India Top Exporter/Supplier of Pomegranates to various countries like the Netherlands, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. We are having direct collaboration with Farmers based out in the Maharashtra state of India, We are also associated with some big farm owners who act as our key partners in supplying the quality products to our overseas clients. ORIGIN: INDIA