Sugar is obtained from sugarcane is a name for sweet and soluble carbohydrates. Sugar is used in almost all sweet dishes. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. From different sources, sugar and its types are derived

ICUMSA-45 We are one of the leading suppliers of sugar , We do export of sugar ICUMSA-45 along with superior quality all over the world our main market for sugar is middle east, South Africa, West Africa, USA our sugar ICUMSA-45 is very popular among our overseas clients.

ICUMSA 45 is a highly refined sugar, and it is easily recognized by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure Sucrose taste. It is suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food applications. It is perpetually in high demand as it is the safest form of sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants often present in raw sugars.

ICUMSA 45 is the world’s leading consumer sugar.

Type : Icumsa 45 Sugar
Color Sparkling Crystal White
Crop Latest
Consumption Fit for Human Consumption
Polarization 99.80 % Minimum
Moisture 00.04% Maximum
Suphateash Content 00.04% Maximum
Granulation Fine
Solubility 100% Dry and Free Flowing
Radiation Normal without Presence of Cesium or Iodine Certified
Sediment None
Smell Free of any Odor
Reducing Sugar 0.05% Maximum by Weight
Fumigation Well Cleaned from Molds, Unnatural Odors, Chemical and Insect

Origin: Brazil, Thialand