Rice production in Asian nation represents a major portion of the Thai economy and proletariat. In 2017, the worth of all Thai rice listed was 174.5 billion tical, about 12.9 % of all farm production Of the forty % of Thais World Health Organization add agriculture, sixteen million of them are rice farmers by one estimate. Thailand encompasses a robust tradition of rice production. it’s the fifth-largest quantity of land underneath rice cultivation within the world and is that the world’s second largest bourgeois of rice. Asian nation has plans to any increase the land offered for rice production, with a goal of adding five hundred,000 hectares to its already nine.2 million hectares of rice-growing areas. totally 1/2 Thailand’s tillage is dedicated to rice.

Broken (%, max) 5.0
Moisture (%, max) 14.0
Foreign matters (%, max) 0.2
Black kernels (%, max) 0.2
Partly black and peck kernels (%, max) 1.0
Damaged kernels (%, max) 1.0
Red and Streaked kernels (%, max) 2.0
Yellow kernels (%, max) 0.5
Glutinous (%, max) 1.5
Average Length of Whole Grain (mm,min) 6.2
Milling degree Well milled and sortex
Crop New
* Price (USD/MT – FOB Hochiminh City Port)