Whole-wheat flour is a powdery substance. It is a basic food ingredient, obtained by grinding or mashing wheat grain and is also known as the wheatberry. Whole wheat flour is known for adding more nutrition. It is mostly used in baked goods and other flour-based recipes

We are known as the prominent exporter and supplier of the finest Wheat flour. The wheat is largely used all over the world for various types of food preparations and especially in India as one of the major food grains. We offer the wheat flour at affordable prices to the widely spread

Specification of Whole Wheat Flour
Moisture 11-11.5 %
Total Ash 1.3-1.5 % Max
Water Absorption 70% and above
Gluten 9-10%
Crude Fiber 2.3-2.5%
Alcoholic Acidity 0.08% max
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.08-0.1% max
Protein 11-12%
Carbohydrates 73.0 gms
Fats 1.70 gms
Fibers 11.0 gms
Minerals 1.80 gms

Origin: Brazil, Thialand